BIOCRYSTAL® is unique – high efficient and multipurpose crystal mixture intended for the improvements in all areas of human life.

Biocrystal® essence are 16 crystals and minerals, complemented with gold and silver, processed with unique and smart CsAM™ technology.
The aim of this formula is to enhance your body energy, making you feel rejuvenated for the day ahead. Biocrystal® technology is especially suitable for people who want to improve quality of their life.

This technological process is Crystal smart Active Management CsAM™ where we use special procedures:
Carefully selected 16 types of crystals and minerals are carefully crushed up and mixed in a specific ratio. To fragmented and mixed crystals, the exact amount of gold and silver is added, whose role is to improve the properties of crystals. Gold as the best guide that enhances the conductivity and allows full utilisation of crystal energy, and silver with the role of crystal cleaners.


Like all things around us, every cell of the human body has its own natural vibration. Vibrations are a natural feature which cells perform one of its basic life functions – metabolism. With the proper metabolism, cells maintain their vital functions and enable smooth functioning of organs. Any change or delay in the vibration leads to disturbances in metabolism, and interferes with the normal functioning of cells, and thus the functioning of the organs.

Changing the rhythm of vibration can slow down or even prevent the normal functioning of cells, so it disrupt the smooth flow of energy, weakening organism’s general condition, and thus creating the potential center for disease formation.

Crystals provide faster and better metabolism with their ability to detect, monitor and influence the vibrations inside the cells of a body, regulating their proper frequency, thus removing, in a completely natural way all harmful substances from each cell, and the whole organism.
This way “purred” body allows faster energy flow, restoring and enhancing overall energy levels at the same time, achieving higher fettle level. With positive impact of crystals, body is strengthening the immune system and making better chances to resist attacks form outside (disease, infections, fatigue, pressure, stress …) and allowing the body to achieve a higher level of fitness, strengthens the immune system and better resists attacks from the outside (disease, infections, fatigue, pressure, stress …)


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