Finish bio sauna

There is a finish bio sauna for 4 persons in wellness and spa part, wide/deep 230/210/210 cm. Perfectly equipped, beautifully furnished with Canadian Hemlock, this spa room takes care of your body and spirit.

Beds, headbends, couches, ladder and protection fence are made of African abachi which contributes to the interior beauty.

Detoxication of your organism is always useful and welcome, just like the peace ou can consume in the sauna which is yours only, whenever you wish for it. Head and back bends will certainly help comfort and relaxation, made ergonomically, just like two lamps with wooden shade with mild, relaxing light. Heaters bring temperature extremely quick to the desired level. There are showers next to the sauna.

Enjoy this treatment on which your body and spirit will be grateful, in total privacy.


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